Why You Need a LadyBird Deed Now

Ladybird deeds are a crucial part of elder law planning and Medicaid planning. If you are on Medicaid or think you might be soon, you need a ladybird today.

What is a ladybird deed? It’s a deed where the owner of the property deeds his or her interest in the property to someone else at the owner’s death. 

Why would someone want a ladybird deed? Two reasons:

  1. A ladybird deed allows you to avoid going through probate for the property covered in the deed
  2. A ladybird deed protects your property against the state or a governmental agency trying to recover against your property for health care costs.
  3. Other great benefits of ladybird deeds:
  •   You can always revoke the deed and take back the transfer

  •   Other family members may be rewarded for helping the client by a change of estate plan implemented simply by signing and recording a new Transfer on Death Deed.

  •   If someone in the family falls on hard times an needs extra help, the estate plan can be changed with a new deed.

  •   The grantor reserves the right to sell or mortgage the property without consent of the grantee.

  •  If creditors of a remainder owner threaten action affecting the property, the grantor can protect his or her interests by appointing the remainder to someone else. This would not be a fraudulent transfer if the life tenants are not “debtors” as to the creditors.

  •  The deed creates no Medicaid transfer penalty; and at the death of the grantor, title will pass under such a deed outside the grantor’s probate estate and will therefore not be subject to Texas estate recovery under the current state law.

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