Weaver Firm to Present at Tarrant County Probate Nuts and Bolts Seminar

ON Friday, September 15, 2017, the Tarrant County Probate Bar will host its annual “Nuts and Bolts” seminar at the City Club of Fort Worth. This seminar will cover topics including Guardianships, HIPAA protection laws, handling creditor claims in Estates, and most importantly . . . Medicaid and Veteran’s Benefits. Rick Weaver of the Weaver Firm and Earl Davidson, a certified financial planner who specializes in Medicaid and Elder Care Planning will present a guide to Medicaid planning and what changes to the law may be coming in 2017-2018. Considering the average cost of monthly care in a nursing home is nearing $7,000.00 per month, you can’t afford to miss this information.

To schedule an appointment with either Weaver Attorney for questions about Medicaid planning and how it might affect you and your family in 2017 and beyond, call 817.638.9016 or email us at TWeaver@www.weaverlegal.net    

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