Do you have an Estate Plan . . . and I mean an Actual Plan?


Check out this information filled article from the New York Times about creating an actual plan for dealing with death. We can provide you with documents, and legal advice, but an actual plan involves family members, Certified Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, and more. Better to have some discomfort in your life now than to leave your loved ones with chaos down the road. Research funeral plans and costs to make sure your family members aren’t stuck with thousands of dollars in funeral expenses. Look at life insurance until your savings reach an amount you feel comfortable with. Do you have long term care insurance? Nursing homes cost around $7,000.00 a month. Does your Last Will and Testament cover all of your family members? Is it current? With proper planning and a good plan, some people can avoid probate altogether. Without a plan . . . chaos ensues.

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