Who is Entitled to Death or Survivor Benefits from an ERISA Plan or from a Federal Employee Benefit Plan?

Are you or someone you know a part of the federal employee plan? Postal employee? Social Security worker? Senator? If so, you are covered by the Federal Employee Benefit Plan. We often deal with clients who are entitled to benefits from this type of plan. Check out this great article about what to do if you are entitled to benefits under this type of plan.

Some highlights:

  • make sure you designate your beneficiary and keep it updated!
    • married? change the beneficiary
    • divorced? change the beneficiary
    • children? change the beneficiary
  • FYI, just because you get a divorce, your surviving spouse can still receive retirement benefits
  • ambiguous designations on forms can still be effective depending on the intent of the employee

article link: https://poseidon01.ssrn.com/delivery.php?ID=695120099066114013027099112073077092097036019031031092110087122090070084089113065093056035048125008059096096007071031065126120038022089021065116026080115123096064024046007086080070084082070083125112002114094008068080065015005113092010007021119102024&EXT=pdf