New! Celebrating 25 Years – Additional Office Opens in Bartonville

Our gratitude for the privilege of helping families with legal issues and estate planning in north Texas  for 25 years is beyond words–that’s why we created this heartfelt video! We’re delighted to celebrate with the opening of a convenient second office for Weaver Firm – Attorneys.  Although we’re excited about adding a second location, our original office in Rhome, about 15 minutes from Decatur, Fort Worth, and Denton, remains our principal office.   

The new location at Bartonville Town Center is open on Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm and other week days by appointment.  Feel free to call 817-638-2022 to schedule an appointment at this new, easily accessible location. 

Directions to the new Bartonville office for Weaver Firm – Attorneys

Bartonville Town Center

2648 FM 407,  Suite 215 F

  • Use elevator to go to 2nd floor
  • Exit right from elevator
  • Go left down long corridor – Enter Suite 215
  • Go past lobby
  • Turn right at end of hall
  • Suite F is on the left





Why Use Elder Law Attorneys?

The name, elder law attorney, makes some individuals think that the attorneys who work at the Weaver Firm only work with senior citizens. Elder law attorneys are those who help people plan for the future–their later years, incapacity, and long term care planning. We also help those who have faced, or are facing, a life changing event. So why use Elder Law attorneys?

A disabled person need not be elderly, yet needs an attorney who understands the nuances and benefits of special needs planning. Government benefits require mountains of paperwork and we help you sort through it.

At our law firm, we definitely work with senior citizens (note that in many cases 55-year-olds are considered seniors) who are having their advance directives, wills and other legal paperwork drawn up. We also work with individuals and families who are facing life-changing or potentially life-altering events.


As mentioned, some of those life-changing events could include: 

  1. Planning for retirement
  2. Facing nursing home or assisted living placement
  3. Buying or inheriting a home
  4. Life changing or potentially life altering surgery
  5. Marriage
  6. Divorce
  7. Child birth or adoption

When working with a Weaver Legal attorney, you’re taking proactive steps to protect your life savings, your legacy, determine who will inherit your estate, putting plans in place in the event you are suddenly unable to make financial decisions, pay your bills or are faced with a life-or-death health situation or hospital stay.

Why Choose an Elder Law Attorney?

Individuals or couples of any age can work with an elder law attorney to have a last will and testament prepared.

Young couples, especially those starting out, buying a house, and having or adopting children should have a will drawn up.  Do you want to decide who the guardian of your children should be, or let the government decide?

What are the benefits of working with an Elder Law Attorney? 

If you’ve lived through the death of a loved one and if they didn’t have a will in place or they hadn’t made their final wishes known, you were left to “take care of things” without really knowing their wishes.

When you haven’t spoken with an elder law attorney to have your will or advanced directives drawn up you are leaving your family to face a burdensome task in addition to dealing with the grief of your passing.

Why hire our Attorneys? 

It is better to be proactive because you simply don’t know if you will be the victim of an accident that could leave you debilitated and unable to make decisions on your own behalf. If you haven’t named a Medical Power of Attorney, the decisions on your medical care may be left up to the medical team and not your family.

Contact us today for Elder Law Needs. 817.638.9016 or