Declutter and Downsize Your Lives


The New York Times published a great article about the growing amount of Baby Boom age Americans with overcrowded houses. 

The competitive accumulation of material goods, a cornerstone of the American dream, dates to the post-World War II economy, when returning veterans fled the cities to establish homes and status in the suburbs. Couples married when they were young, and wedding gifts were meant to be used — and treasured — for life.

As baby boomers downsize their homes for health or convenience, they are failing to downsize their possession as well. As Estate Planners, one of the most common problems we run into is what to do with excess personal items in someone’s home when they pass away? 

Estate sales are great for large items and valuable items, but what about heirlooms or items with little to no value? Here are some ideas for decluttering your lives and dealing with excess possessions when you lose a loved one.

  • Give your possessions to family members who will appreciate the items during your lifetime
  • Donate your items to worthwhile charities in the area (check out charity navigator for suggestions)
  • Sell your items online . . . if you need help, check out this guide from Lifehacker
  • Throw things away

Taking these above-mentioned steps helps your family members avoid costly moving services if you need to move to a new home. Estate sales can cost upwards of $3,000.00. Save your family the time, trouble, and expense of decluttering your life.

Apart from the financial benefits, having less junk around your house helps you feel better about yourself and makes cleaning up your house a breeze. You literally have money staring you in the face everyday. If you haven’t used that item in over a year, think about getting rid of it.

Estate planning doesn’t always have to involve Wills and Trusts, but if you don’t have those . . . consider contacting us to get those drawn up as well!

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