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Elder Law – Qualifying for Paid Nursing Home Benefits & More

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“I’m worried about my mom.” We hear this concerned comment about a beloved parent or child almost daily at Weaver Law. We can help you understand about qualifying for and receiving paid nursing home benefits. Give us a call today at 817.638.9016.
















Qualifying for Paid Nursing Home Benefits

Many elderly and disabled people qualify for paid nursing home benefits. In fact, the elderly and disabled qualified for and received 63% of all Medicaid nursing home care benefits (both long term care and community-based benefits) according to a recent study.*  These elderly and disabled men and women received nearly $123 billion in long term care benefits.

Medicaid nursing home benefits are free of charge and are available to all qualified United States citizens.

Rick Weaver or Travis Weaver will guide you through the process of determining if you or your aging loved one legally qualifies for Medicaid nursing home benefits. Then we prepare legal documents to pursue qualification.

Keeping the Family Home & Other Questions

We help you properly set up legal documents to allow a husband or wife to receive Medicaid nursing home benefits and also allow a spouse with no health issues to remain in the family home, keep an automobile, and retain other qualified assets.

Creating Special Needs Trusts

We offer deep experience in creating special needs trusts for care of parents, children, or others who will need ongoing help through their entire lifetime. A special needs trust ensures financial, medical, and other needs are met if you are not available to provide the necessary assistance.






*Source: Medicaid Expenditures By Service chart; Urban Institute estimates based on FY 2013 data from CMS (Form 64), prepared for the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the uninsured.  Medicaid Enrollees and Expenditures, FY 2011 chart; KCMU/Urban Institute estimates based on datea from FY2011 MSIS and CMS-64.