Bowie Knives and Saving Lives!

Based on the sign in front of this statue, this Bowie Knife is the largest of its kind in the world. In similar news, Travis attended the largest health fair in Bowie, Texas held in the last week. If you are impressed, you should be. At this fair, Travis learned important tips about safety in emergency situations like leaving your car running if you are trapped to make sure the airbags deploy. This fair also showcased many senior care options in and around Wise and Montague County.

 Travis also had the opportunity to make a short speech about the four documents you should have right now . . . and here they are:

  1.      Last Will and Testament
  2.      Medical Power of Attorney (with HIPAA language)
  3.      Financial Power of Attorney (use the new Texas form)
  4.      Physicians Directive a.k.a. Living Will

If you don’t have these documents or if your documents are older than your current car, call our office at 817.638.9016, or send us an email at to schedule an appointment. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter below to keep up with the latest and greatest legal news you and your family need to know.


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